1. Amount of berths:
    a) 800 to 1000 berths with lengths from 5m to 100m.
    b) 2 dockages for cruises/transatlantic.
    c) Helicopters landing area.
2. Berths for fishing boats from 30 to 50 with its market, refrigerators and all the services.

3. One or two hotels depending on the demand..

4. Commercial stores, bars, coffee shops, discothèques.

5. Nautical club / Administrative Services.

6. Dock with all its services.

7. Public parking.
8. Palace of congresses.
• In this project there is no real-estate development interests, such as apartments.

MARINA MIJAS SL is the promoter company of the port’s project. This project will be a reference in Spain and also in the world due to the design, which is architectonic, urban and cultural. The motives to choose this futurist design is not only the leisure but also the cultural curiosity of the design and the bet in the modernization and architectonic quality that will place the municipality of Mijas in the worldwide first line and reference. This innovating design is a creation of Barbany’s Architects Study, directed by Gilbert Barbany.