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· Our port is going to be a world-wide reference

The following interview, the Manager and Unique Administrator of MARINA MINAS, SL Bassam Aboul khedoud, explains us some of the keys that have taken this interesting project to reach a deserved prestige and an important recognition within the sector.

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Avance empresarial 2005.

· Marina Mijas is the sponsor of the Athletics Club of Mijas

"...As managers our obligation is to support the youth and one way to do it is by sponsorship..."
"...The athletics Club of Mijas will this season be sponsored by Marina Mijas with their logo on the sport clothes, the company with whom a sponsorship contract has been signed for a value of 6000€ euros to buy equipments ..."

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3,40 television - March of 2004.

· Proposal for the construction of a sport and fishing port at Cala de Mijas.

"...With a considered investment of 34.5 million euros the port would have 440 points of dockage and a diversity of complementary services, with an harbour surface of 35,000 m2 for the leisure zone. Top length for the boats would be 25 meters and the port’s opening towards the west, including an outer port..."

· Sport Seaport at Cala
Proposal for the construction of a sport and fishing port at Cala de Mijas.

"...Townhall studies the viability of the project for its inclusion in next revision of the PGOU.
Townhall has received a proposal, as a previous study to build a sport harbour and fishery port at the east of Cala de Mijas, it pierces next the highway ..."

· Mijas’s Townhall approves the Seaport Sport
"...The last proposal presented to the Town Council came from an investor group, Global Administration, and consists on the creation of a sport and fishery ports located at the east of Cala de Mijas. According to Alatec, the consulting company in charge to make the previous study, this place has been chosen like the suitable by its good communication and being a space in which “hardly no beach exists”. This possible infrastructure would have an initial cost of 45-50 million euros. The Urbanism Edill Luis Vasco said : “it could be a very important bet for Mijas” of which economic investment is endorsed by private capital..."
Mijas Semanal - Number 24, from 15th till 21st of August 2003.

· Council brief in 12.000 deficit of dockages in the sport seaports

"..They are not the only ones. This summer, Mijas’s Townhall has received a proposal as a previous study to build a sport and fishery port with 440 points of dockage at the east of Cala de Mijas. So far it is an offer but could add itself to the 11 existing points in Malaga’s province…
…Projects: Mijas hefts a proposal from company to built a sport and fishery port with 440 points of dockage to the east of Cala de Mijas ..."

· The Public Works Councillor praises the planning reforms of Mijas

"...Concepcion Gutierrez announces that the Council wants to duplicate the number of dockages in Andalucia..."
"...The Mayor also took advantage of the occasion to present her, in depth, some of the most important projects for the municipality as the Vale del Golf, the enterprise park, the sport seaport..."
"...Sport Seaport: The Mijas’s Mayor also presented to the Councillor the project of the sport seaport who didn’t doubt in giving her approval to the initiative "as long as the real-estate development interests do not take part of this project”. In fact, announcement a plan to enlarge the number of dockages in the region, until arriving at the 12.000 in one decade..."

Mijas Semanal - Number 34, from 24th to 30th of October 2003

· Poll: Do you approve a seaport sport construction in the Cala de Mijas?

Yes (88.52%)
No (10.38%)
Nk/Nc (1.09%)

· Cala de Mijas will have a sport harbour and fishing port with 1000 pears approximately

"...The realization of this project by Marina Mijas will have a maximum duration of two years, once the necessary licenses have been obtained..."
"...Next to the dockage points, the complex will have two hotels, commercial areas, restaurants and leisure zones..."
"...50 million euros, approximately, will be invested in the total realization of the project..."
"...The facilities will have two hotels and a commercial zone ..."
"...Global Administration, is a company that offers services of quality and prestige..."

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Vida Económica - February 2004.