Cala de Mijas will have a sport harbour and fishing port with 1000 pears approximately

• The realization of this project will have a maximum duration of two years, once the necessary licenses have been obtained.
• Next to the dockage points, the complex will have two hotels, commercial, restaurants and leisure zones.

If there is anything that Malaga province needs to keep on advancing in the line of quality as tourist destination, without any doubt, is a bigger number of pears.

It is urgent to create new sports harbours and enlarge the existent ones, as to be able to cater the increasing demand in this strong sector and that the economic and tourist opportunities that the harbour’s activity generates will be profitable.

Arrived at this point, it is essential to confront the need with the environment, once that the decrease of beaches at our seaboard is continual. Malaga has 4311 berth points distributed at 11 harbours, quantity that proves to be insufficient once that the possibility to find a dockage in a short time is approximately remote.

Five municipalities foresee the construction of new nautical installations. Marina Mijas’s project will bring to the Costa del Sol among 800 and 1000 new, including in addition 5 to 10 pears for cruisers and around 30 for fishing boats.

The complex, that will find its place at Cala de Mijas ( it pierces next the highway and being a space in which “hardly no beach exists”), contemplates two hotels, commercial area, bars, coffee shops, discotheques, nautical club, administrative services, dock with all its services and public parking.

The company Global Administration is the promoter of this initiative, although it has created a specific and specialized company in the development and promotion for this kind of projects: Marina Mijas S.L.. The idea and study of the future harbour were presented last August to Mijas's Town Council, which accepted the proposal. “Urban speculation does not have place in our project ”, explain Mr. Aboul-Khedoud, general manager of the company, that foresee, as soon as they get the opportune offers, the port will be ready in a maximum time limit of two years after obtaining the port licence. “It is a social and tourist need for Mijas, vital to be able to compete with the high-standing tourism and with its local competitors ”, adds Mr. Aboul-Khedoud .


Initially the estimated investment, which is endorsed by private capital, was of 34 million of euros, although this number has increased to the 50 million at the end of the project.
This increment is due to the construction of two hotels instead of one and to the reduction of the fishing berths to destine them to the sport berths ( of 440 initial to 800 or 1000 ), with lengths from 5 to 100 meters.

There are several construction companies interested in this project, according to the general manager Bassam Aboul, but its adjudication has not been fixed yet.
“The agreements with the construction companies will slip out to contest when we get the definitive license from Costas Environment Ministry, Harbour’s Public Enterprise of Andalucía, contingent of the Public Works Council”, varies the general manager.

Likewise, important hotel chains will be the responsible for the management, it will have a high-standing level, possible deluxe, although nothing has become concrete yet.

At the present, Administrative working is accomplished from Marbella, where Global Administration has its headquarters, but in a short term the offices will be in the place of the development place of the project and around 20 or 30 persons will work there.

Parallel with the sport and fishing harbour project, this company of Malaga also is collaborating in Mijas’s development. Example of it is the sponsoring of the local athletics club, with 6000 euros contribution. The Web page of the project right now is available to visit ( ). Bassam Aboul, the general manager, appears satisfied with the development of project and highlights that “it is of utmost interest to carry out with this infrastructure work to give Mijas the incentive that it needs”.

A company that offers services of quality and prestige

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Noemí García , Málaga, Vida Económica.