Civilian Builds

The works to make consist fundamentally of :
    - Construction of 760 m of dock in slope.
    - Construction of 200 m of seawall.
    - Construction of 20.000 m² of enclosures above sea level +2.0, leaned to contradique.
    - Construction / installation of 982 ml of marshland.
    - Dredged of 11.500 m³ of the sand bottom in an approximated surface 7.650 m² with an average depth of 1,5 m. - Dredged of 10.000 m³ of the rock bottom in an approximated surface 10.000 m² an average depth of 1 m².

      In the map and with a guidance character, one can see a pattern layout of the surfaces determined in this point. In order to provide the sufficient shelter to the inners harbours a shelter dock of 760 m length is designed.