Our port is going to be a world-wide reference

Avance Empresarial 2005

Bassam Aboul khedoud
General manager of Marina Mijas S.L.

The following interview, the Manager and Unique Administrator of MARINA MINAS, SL Bassam Aboul khedoud, explains us some of the keys that have taken this interesting project to reach a deserved prestige and an important recognition within the sector.

How the project Marina Mijas comes up?
Besides several real estate promotions, I was the promoter of the Tourist Submarine (Magic World) in Puerto Banķs between 1991 and 1993, and I was the General Manager along with other Finnish partners. I always loved the sea and together with a certain adventurous spirit took me to create the first European tourist submarine. Eventually, occurred to notice that a lot of people like navigation but they didnít want to buy a boat due to the lack of space where to moor the boat. So, the idea of promoting this project comes up from the marketís necessity, based on the construction of the port of Mijas and a leisure complex, which will be located in beach front.

In what phase is the project now?
At the moment, we have already the 65 - 70% of the work made. The Town Hall of Mijas unanimously approved to support our Marina Mijas project. As a matter of information, Marbella has five ports at the moment while Mijas, which is the double size, doesnít have any port. This supposes a comparative injury with other localities, like for example Fuengirola or Torremolinos. The spectacular growth of Mijas needs this port.

What will represent this port once it is finished?
I am convinced that this port is going to be a worldwide reference. It will not be only a standard port because we need to attract people with charisma. Between approximately 800 and 1000 new jobs will be created, besides an important volume of businesses will be generated.

What kind of premises will open in the port?
The portís idea is to offer all the necessary services for the entire Coast especially for Mijas, for this reason our project doesnít have urbanity speculation.

And for this reason, our MARINA MIJAS portís project offers the following services, besides all sizes of berths including cruises, it also offers a big leisure centre, with restaurants, bars, boutiques, two hotels, congresses palace, nautical club and the rest of services, which are required by people.

What other functions will cover?
Our project of MARINA MIJAS will be a project of reference in Spain and also worldwide; by its architectonic design, urbanity design and by its cultural load.

The reasons for this futurist design will not only be the leisure but also the cultural curiosity of the design, and the bet by the modernization and architectonic quality, which will be an advantage for the municipality and will put Mijas in forward edge at worldwide level. This innovating design is a creation of Barbany Architects study, directed by Gilbert Barbany.

When will it be operative?
It will depend on slowness or rapidity of the bureaucratic procedures. Right now we are carrying out the environmental impact study, which is a transcendental phase in any constructive project. Then it will be necessary to decide along with Coasts the type and port size, according to the municipalityís needs.

What other businesses have you made in our country?
Besides MARINA MIJAS company we have other promotion and development companies, among we have GLOBAL ADMINISTRATION that is a society, which performs in the national and international market services and advising (consultancy) company for those Spanish companies that want to enter in the Middle East, North Africa and Western Africa markets, as well as for the companies of these markets that want to enter in the Spanish market. In addition to the tasks of advising and relations promotion and the cooperation between national and international companies,

GLOBAL ADMINISTRATION carries out and participates in great and interesting projects: The Arab Trace Foundation, Hispanic-Arab National Chamber of Commerce, Real Estate Association with national prestige, ONGs participation, advising to the Royal Family Saudi, and other projects that spread qualityís guarantee with which the MARINA MIJAS port will be constructed, respecting the environmental aspect and the prestige as a reference port with a futurist and cultural design.